Bar Bat Bnai

Bar, Bat & B’nai Mitzvot

Bring in Adina to capture your Bar, Bat or B’nai Mitzvah! 

Brooklyn Bar Mitzvah Photographer Adina Lerner
Prospect Park Brooklyn Bat Mitzvah
East Midwood Jewish Center Bar Mitzvah
Adina Lerner Photography Bar Mat Mitzvah CBE Brooklyn
Adina Lerner Photography Bnai Mitzvah
CBE Brooklyn Bar Mitzvah by Adina Lerner
Bear Mountain Bnai Mitzvah
Bat Bar Mitzvah Brooklyn Adina lerner Photography
Adina Lerner Photography Brooklyn Bat Bar Mitzvah CBE PSJC
Brooklyn Bat Mitzvah
Brooklyn Bat Mitzvah
Adina Lerner Photography Brooklyn Bat Bar Mitzvah Kai Studios CBE
Backyard Bat Mitzvah
East Midwood Jewish Center Bar Mitzvah
CBE Bar Bat Mitzvah Ballroom by Adina Lerner Photography

mazel tov!

My approach to Mitzvah photography is a mix of documentary candids and formal portraits. The Mitzvah you’re planning may not be like the one you had yourself, but one thing remains the same: photos of your event are timeless and special.

Here are the main services I offer for a Bar, Bat, B’nai Mitzvah. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please ask!

We’ll get beautiful family photos with the Torah, tallit, and more in the sanctuary. This can be done the morning of your Mitzvah (if your shul allows photography on Shabbat) or during the rehearsal (usually 1-2 weeks before the big day). This can include just immediate family or you can invite grandparents, aunts/uncles/cousins to join in.

Some synagogues allow photography during Shabbat (CBE in Brooklyn, for example, and just from the balcony) and some do not (like PSJC, Brooklyn). If yours does, I’ll be there!

So many wonderful options for your kiddush, luncheon, party and more! I capture it all, from family and group photos to wonderful candids of your guests having fun.

I create your Mitzvah photo album – from start to finish – in a timeless, beautiful 10×10″ album with Layflat pages.

I have beautiful wall art options for you to display proudly at home! You can choose from prints, canvases, framed images and more!

Fill out the form below so we can get talking about this special time for your family!

Adina Lerner Photography Brooklyn Bat Bar Mitzvah CBE PSJC
CBE Bar Mitzvah Adina Lerner Photography Greenwood Park
Brooklyn Bat Mitzvah
Brooklyn Bar Bat Mitzvah Adina Lerner Photography
CBE Bar Mitzvah Adina Lerner Photography
PSJC Bar Mitzvah Adina Lerner Photography

Thank you for the absolutely gorgeous pictures!! You really captured everything so beautifully, you're very talented, so happy you were available!

– Erica & Reis, B’nai Mitzvah, Bear Mountain

Adina has photographed our family on a few different occasions - from a Front Steps photo shoot to part of my daughter's Bat Mitzvah. Adina is extremely talented, creative, fun, personable and connects with the whole family - adults, kids and k-9s. Adina's photographs take us right back to the moments - the beauty of the celebration, the warmth of the day, and the joy of the moment.

​- Diana & Scott, Bat Mitzvah, westchester

With Adina, you get not just a photographer, but a seasoned mother with supportive and helpful tendencies, and an undeniable level of empathy to connect with the parents and family.

– Liz & nathan, park slope, brooklyn

Working with Adina for a family event was easy. Even though she was positioned by necessity away from the action, Adina managed to make photos which really captured the joy and love of the event, combining perspectives and unique moments. The platform she uses is easy and flexible- you can order prints through it or download and order elsewhere. It was simple to share access with family. Would use again!

– Becca & Adam, CBE Bar Mitzvah

Adina Lerner


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