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Adina Lerner Photography Modern Portrait Session
Adina Lerner Photography Modern Portrait Session


Frequently asked

What should we expect at our session?

A fun and playful time with your family! My goal is to capture the love and connection amongst your family.

If you’re someone who feels awkward in front of the camera, have no fear! I will guide you every step of the way during our time together. 

what should we wear?

My best advice: Kids should be happy in what they’re wearing (and so should the grown ups!). Everyone should be able to move around, walk in grass, and even sit on the ground. 

I have a wardrobe guide with some suggestions for color combinations.

Speaking of color: Have you heard about how everyone has their own ‘color season?’ It’s based on your eye, hair and skin color! For example, I’m a “Cool Winter.” I’ve done research and found some fascinating information to help you look and fell your best! I’d love to help you find the colors that really make you feel beautiful on the inside and outside. The colors that make you feel happy. Message me for more info about this.

what should we bring to the session?

For families with children: you know your own kids the best. I suggest bringing (for babies) an extra outfit, drink/snack, a favorite stuffy or small toy that you don’t mind being in photos, a small book (again, that you don’t mind being in photos). For most kids, I highly suggest bringing their water bottle and a non-messy snack or two to refuel. 

I have a shy child / a child who has trouble staying still. Will this still work?

Short answer:

Longer Answer:
Before our session, I will email you a short, 1 minute intro video for you to show your kids, just so they can see my face and hear my voice before we meet.

On the day of our session, I’ll introduce myself to your child(ren) and talk about what we’ll be doing together. I’ll get to know them a little bit before I even take out my camera so they can feel comfortable around me.

I’m a parent myself, and in my teaching days, I taught students from age 2 all the way up through 8th grade.

I’ve definitely seen it all (and if not all, then certainly quite a lot). In photo sessions, sometimes kids don’t like being told to smile, some don’t want to stand still. Some kids may even be used to saying, “cheese!” for every photo!

Leave the directing to me. If you’re feeling nervous or frustrated by your kids’ behavior during the session (…I’ve been there, too), unless they’re unsafe, let me be the one giving direction. I want to get the best results possible for your photos! Do your best to take a few deep breaths, and know that you’re in good hands with me. If I need assistance with the kids, I will 100% tap you in; promise.

when should we expect our photos and/or album?

On Average…
3-4 weeks for family sessions
6-12 weeks for weddings, bar/bat/b’nai mitzvot
1-2 weeks for proofs from a mini session
3-5 months for your photo album (timing really depends on the time of year)

**If you need something earlier, please speak to me about your timeline!

How can I order prints and wall art?

You have two options:

1) You can easily order prints of any size directly from your Pixieset gallery. I love this printer and use them for my own family photos. They print quickly and ship directly to you.

2) You can download your digitals and order prints from wherever you normally order your prints.

what happens if i’m late to our session?

I want to make the most of our time together; please do your best to arrive to your session on time! This ensures we get to spend all of your alloted time together before my next session.

If you’re running late, please call or text me ASAP so I know when to expect you. I cannot guarantee your session will last for the full time alloted if you are late.

Can I bring my dog to the session?

Sure! Let’s chat beforehand to work out logistics.

I’m so excited and I love how everyone looks during our session! Can I take photos with my phone during our session?

Great question! I do not allow cell phone photos during our time together. 


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